Friday, May 9, 2008

The Baby Bible Storybook

Written by Robin Currie, The Baby Bible Storybook is designed to introduce infants and toddlers to simple Bible stories. Bound as a sturdy, “chubby” board book, each two-page spread features a page of text alongside a full page illustration from Cindy Adams. Twenty-three Bible stories are presented at the simplest understanding level for small children. Each story includes simple interactive activities and motions for the parent and child to perform. A one sentence prayer related to the story is also presented at the end of each page of text.

This book easily serves as a very simple devotional book for infants and toddlers; while the stories do not provide the full depth of the Bible (impossible to do in this amount of space), they do present a good selection of stories to use as a primer.

What I Like: Our little ones enjoy the easy to understand text, the hand motions, and the illustrations of happy, chubby faces. You can’t help but smile when reading this book – the illustrations are so cheerful. The sturdy format holds up well, making this a great first Bible story book, and the rounded edges are an additional feature for the safety of rambunctious wee ones. Wonderful to bring along to church to help little ones sit quietly, our toddler points to this book and says 'beebee,' translation "Bible"!

What I dislike: The book is a bit thick for the smallest of children to be able to manage by themselves. Board books are quite bulky, and this one is very long, however a 2 year old is able to manage quite easily. A few of the characters are not illustrated in authentic biblical attire, but look more modern. I can be a bit of a stickler for details like this, but our family still enjoys The Baby Bible Storybook very much!

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: The publisher recommends this book for 0 - 3 year olds, but our 5 year old still enjoys it.

Publishing Info:
David C. Cook, 1994; ISBN 0781400767; board book; $12.99

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Special Info: All characters are depicted as caucasian, and all angels are shown to be female. Illustrations of Jesus are included.


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I agree that this is a wonderful book to introduce your little one to the Bible. I would also agree that it's appropriate for a wider range of ages, probably 2-6 years old. My youngest son gets excited when he sees the cover and I begin to read (he's 29 months old). Another book I recommend with positive family values is also a favorite of my sons. Ladybug Baby Bug, by Janice and Mark Perkins. It shows the importance of family unity and love and features colorful and adorable illustrations of the ladybug characters.