Friday, May 23, 2008

Just the Way You Are

Another heart-warming allegory from Max Lucado, Just the Way You Are gently guides children into an understanding of God’s desire for a personal relationship with us. Important doctrinal truths are presented in a subtle manner while never sounding preachy. This simple story illustrated that God wants us to have a heart after Him, and that our salvation is a free gift - not something we earn through works. It also touches upon the theme of the adoption of the believer into God’s family. This is an enjoyable tale for the entire family. Reading this book as a family easily leads to discussions focusing on God's love for us.

What I Like:
The biblical truths presented are shown on a simple level through allegory. Children may not grasp all of the scriptural truth alluded to, but this book will grow with them; their understanding will increase as they grow in their faith. Adults can also benefit from the clear reminder that God desires time with us. The period-style illustrations are charming and quaint, particularly the female characters in dresses and coverings and the older European architecture.

What I Dislike: While the illustrations by award-winning artist Sergio Martinez are executed in detail and with skill, the colours tend to be darker than I prefer in a children’s book. While this adds to the period feel, I feel it may look drab and dull to younger children.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal:
4 - 8

Publisher Info: Crossway Books & Bibles, 1999; ISBN: 1581341148; Hardcover; $15.99

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Special Info: The main character is a little girl; she and the other children are orphans that the King has decided to adopt. See our reviews of other titles by this author.

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