Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Power Twins

Power Twins is a new organization for girls 6 - 12, designed to help them become Proverbs 31 women. To introduce girls to some basic principles behind this organization, founder Tracy Brda has written and published the book Power Twins.

This 36 page hardback book is broken into three sections: "Power in Friendship," "The Secret Place," and "A Friend at All Times." The first section introduces us to Rachel and Raquel, sisters and "Power Twins." They explain that as Power Twins they "try to encourage each other to do the right thing and to make the right choices." They say they love Jesus and want to make a difference in the world by being obeying him. They talk about the "power of two" by citing Bible verses that emphasize how two people are better than one. They talk about the difficulties they face as friends and Power Twins. The section ends by encouraging readers to find their own Power Twin.

The second section shows the Power Twins on a difficult day. They are arguing and their mom has to set things right. She reminds them they forgot to go to "The Secret Place" that morning. The Secret Place, we learn, is a special, quiet location where the Power Twins can be with God each morning. Their Secret Place is a fancy tent where they read their Bible and wait for God to speak to their hearts. Somehow starting the day in The Secret Place makes the whole day better.

The last section of the book shows the Power Twins at the park. They notice a girl crying, all by herself. They approach her, praying to God for help in knowing how to help her. The crying girl explains that some other girls in the park won't let her play soccer with them. The Power Twins hug her and pray with her, then approach the girls who made her cry. They explain how much the crying girl has been hurt, and try to smooth things over. The conversation goes amazingly smoothly, and ends in a prayer and an explanation of what Power Twins are.

The last page of the book is a Power Twin pledge, outlining what it means to be a Power Twin, including traits like patience, obedience (to God, to parents...), wisdom, righteousness, and more.

What I Like: Modern girls face an uphill battle if they wish to be godly, and the Power Twins group, by having girls team up and encourage each other, is a good way to help girls grow into strong Christian women. The Power Twins book is colorful and mostly written in a fashion that appeals to girls in the 6 - 12 age group.

What I Dislike: The illustrations, which are mostly photographs of girls, are sometimes amateurish. But a bigger problem is that the book lacks focus. The first section is a straightforward introduction to what Power Twins are; the second, a clear call for finding time to be alone with God. But the third section? It seems to stray. It also presents a situation that isn't very realistic. The Power Twins inserting themselves into a disagreement between a group of girls might not go over so well in real life, especially if the other girls aren't Christians. Still, I believe Power Twins is worth introducing to girls.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: Designed for ages 6 - 12.

Publishing Info: Power Twins, 2003; ISBN: 0974235504; hard back, $16.95.

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