Friday, April 11, 2008

Five Loaves and a Couple of Fish

Five Loaves and a Couple of Fish: A Story of Faith and Giving was written by Deedra Scherm and illustrated by Laura Dreyer. The author uses rhyme to tell the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. A little boy's lunch was miraculously multiplied when Jesus prayed. Readers are encouraged to "... give Jesus your all and have lots of faith."

The illustrations, done in a color block style, are bold and filled with contrast. The overall effect is fun and inviting.

What I Like: I love the illustrations! The size is great, too. At 7 x 7", this is a wonderful size for cuddling with a little one or taking in a diaper bag. As always, I appreciate how the author explains this is a "true" story. Finally, I like the application: "God can use you to do miracles, too!"

What I Dislike: The subtitle says "a story of faith and giving," but the text doesn't emphasize this. The boy's role is quite minor; it just says he was there and Jesus took his food to perform a miracle. Also, the rhyme isn't perfect in a couple spots.

Overall Rating: Upper side of Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher says 6 and under, though I think it's most appropriate for 3 and under.

Publisher Info: Lemon Vision (Little Buds), 2007; ISBN: 1934789011; Boardbook; $7.99

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Special Info: This book will soon be available in Spanish (May 2008). Visit to pre-order. Follow this LINK to see our reviews of other books by this author.

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