Friday, February 2, 2007

Thank You Prayer

Thank You Prayer by Josephine Page is a simple way to teach young children about prayer and thankfulness. The rhyming book doesn't have a storyline; instead, it's a written prayer that contains thanks for food, "for loving me," "the world so sweet," birds, family, and children everywhere.

What I like: The illustrations, by Caroline Jayne Church, show friendly animals in vivid color. The cover of the book is padded cardboard, and the pages are thin cardboard - more durable than regular paper pages, but more like an adult book than the thick cardboard of a board book. (My 18 month old hasn't destroyed the pages yet!)

What I dislike: The prayer does not begin with a salutation (like "Dear God"), nor does it end with an "amen." Parents can easily add these on, though. I do wish the text were a bit more "deep," but the wonderful illustrations really help make up for this; my daughter's attention is held rapt when I read this book to her.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 8 and under.

Publishing Info: Scholastic Inc., 2005; ISBN 9780439680998; hardback; $8.99

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Special Info: You may wish to check out the illustrator's website.

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