Saturday, February 3, 2007

God's Wisdom for Little Girls

Written by best-selling author Elizabeth George, God's Wisdom for Little Girls has a lofty goal: To help children understand Proverbs 31 and how it applies to their life today. Each page of this book (charmingly illustrated by Judy Luenebrink) deals with one character trait; through pictures and rhyming text, it shows little girls how that trait might apply to their life. The last page of the book breaks down some of the bigger words used in the book (like "diligent" and "gracious"), saying what they mean, and where moms can find the corresponding text in the Bible. God's Wisdom for Little Girls says that "God's little girl is:" priceless, kind, eager, helpful, cheerful, busy, hearty (giving it our all), diligent, caring, prepared, creative, prayerful, artistic, confident, gracious, careful, thoughtful, and cherished.

What I Like: The concept; Proverbs 31, while an important passage to all women, isn't always easy for grown-ups to understand. But the author does a fine job breaking down each concept and applying it to modern life. (Moms may learn something, too!) These virtues are things we should try to instill in our daughters from an early age, and God's Wisdom for Little Girls really help mothers do that. The illustrations vary in color intensity (some are vivid, some are pastel) and are quite detailed. They depict little girls playing, working, and loving.

What I Dislike: These aren't dislikes so much as cautions. I think it's important for mothers to tell their daughters they may not be able to live up to all these virtues - especially at first. It's also important to stress that we can only be a Proverbs 31 woman (or girl) if we lean on the Lord. Initially, I also questioned some of the named virtues; for example, "artistic." I couldn't recall a Bible passage that said Godly women should be artistic. But when I checked the last page of the book and saw how the author defined artistic ("a skillful expert"), my objection disappeared. Some parents may also object that God's Wisdom for Little Girls is sexist; it doesn't depict little girls romping around with cars and tools; they are mostly shown doing traditionally feminine things. There is certainly room for romping in every girl's life, but romping isn't one of the virtues mentioned in Proverbs 31. (There is a little girl shown digging in the garden, however.) Yet, overall God's Wisdom for Little Girls takes a pretty difficult subject and makes it approachable for preschoolers.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 5 - 8

Publishing Info: Harvest House Publishers, 2000; ISBN 0736904271; hardback; $15.99.

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Special Info: To get an idea what the illustrations are like in this book, check out the artist's website.

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