Monday, February 5, 2007

Izzy the Lizzy

Izzy the Lizzy has become an instant favorite in our home! Written by Renee Riva and illustrated by Steve Bjorkman, this book tells the "gently dangerous" story of Izzy the Lizzy (a lizard) who happens upon a spider named Anastasia. Anastasia has a bee caught in her web and is about to eat him when she sees Izzy looking right at her, also with a hungry look on her face. Anastasia begs for mercy from Izzy, but is interrupted by the bee, Jeb, who would also like some mercy. Through whimsical illustrations and sometimes tongue-twisting rhyme, all three characters learn to give and receive mercy.

What I Like: Everything! This is such a fun book. The vibrant illustrations are irresistible. The text always sends my kids into giggles. They love talking about who will be lunch today and who will receive a merciful pardon.

What I Dislike: Nothing. At first, I was a little put-off by the morbid nature of the tale, but quickly learned to love it and its wonderful message.

Overall Rating: Excellent!

Age Appeal: 3-8 ... my 18-month-old loves the pictures, but the concepts are little advanced for him just yet.

Publisher Info: Waterbrook Press, 2005; ISBN: 1400070597; hardback; $9.99

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Kristina said...

I second your opinion, Tanya. This is a great little book. My only complaint is that the text is in a not-so-easy-to-read font. Still, I give it a "Very Good!"