Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lori Gives Thanks for Just Sayin'

Life sure has its ups and downs, but what I have learned this year more than any other is that God is with us through it all... and for that I am extremely thankful! That means He can carry my burdens, guide my way, and surround me with people to encourage me. Not only that, His faithful love allows me to turn right back around and be a blessing to them!

This Thanksgiving, I have to straight out acknowledge that I am thankful for my family and friends, my joys AND my sorrows, my victories AND defeats. Through all these things, God works for our good and His glory.

Looking back over recent reviews, I picked a devotional book to highlight called
Just Saying: Write 'Em, Draw 'Em, Hide 'Em In Your Heart. In my review, I stated this: I am one of those people who love to doodle. Rarely does a piece of paper pass through my hands without some kind of embellishment added. So I was immediately drawn into (pardon the pun) the format of the book. So often, students are offered a left-brain approach to studying Scripture (or doing schoolwork for that matter). This right-brain approach is refreshing. I want to say, “Finally… a devotion geared for people like me… someone who colored the entire surface of her desk in second grade (without teacher consent) and turned in a cartoon strip for her final project in a college course (with teacher consent).”

You can read the full review HERE. 

What I Like: Just about everything since it's a unique approach to devotions for the artistically inclined.

What I Dislike: The verses are presented raw, with little or no explanation or context provided. Therefore, I believe it may be best suited for those familiar with and well rooted in the stories of the Bible. Also, I am not one who likes slang, and the book uses a lot of it. To me, the book would be just as enjoyable but have a longer shelf life if it used quality vocabulary!

Overall Rating: Excellent
Age Appeal: 8-12 (although it may appeal to those older than designated age group).
Publisher Info: Zondervan, 2014; ISBN: 9780310742982 ; Paperback, 192 pgs., $9.99.

Buy it Now at Christianbook.com for $8.19
OR Buy the version geared for boys, Dare U 2 Open This Book: Draw It, Write It, Dare 2 Live It, for $8.19 
OR Buy it at Amazon.com for $8.92.
OR Buy the version geared for boys, Dare U 2 Open This Book: Draw It, Write It, Dare 2 Live It for $8.82. 

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