Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boy Jesus

Boy Jesus, written by Cheryl Bell, is a look at how Jesus would act if he were alive as a little boy on earth today.

The first part of the text is presented as a series of questions. For instance, it says: “If Jesus were a boy here on earth today, how do you think He would play? Would He fight and kick and take toys away?” (This is only a sample of the questions.)

After the questions are asked, the author provides some answers: “He’d praise the Lord on the good days and the bad, for He’d know that rejoicing through troubles makes a sad heart glad.”

The book ends with an invitation to the reader to accept Jesus into their heart, along with a prayer.

The illustrations by Cheri Bartsch are different than most books. Children are depicted throughout the pages, but none of them have actual faces. The heads are presented as anatomically-correct white shapes, with barely-visible ears, noses, mouths and eyes.

What I Like: I like the basic idea for the book, that of asking what Jesus, as a boy, would be like if he were alive today. It’s a child-friendly version of the saying, “What would Jesus do?”

What I Dislike: As you can see, the text is written in rhyme. For the most part, it’s okay, but there are a few places where the rhythm and rhyme are off, making the text a bit difficult to read.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 5-9.

Publisher Info: WestBow Press, 2011; ISN: 9781449716363; Paperback, $10.95.
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Anonymous said...

The illustrations would be a big turn off for me.