Thursday, August 11, 2011

Traci's Praise

In Traci's Praise a boy finds a seed, plants it and waits to see what will grow. The result is a lesson in worship based on Psalm 150:6, a verse quoted both on the cover and title page. W. Wilkinson III serves as both author and co-illustrator with Sergio Fermin

When the seed grows into a tree, the boy names it Traci then returns throughout the seasons to talk with the tree and learn why it does what it does. It houses birds who can sing praises to God. It dances in the wind in praise to God and His teachings. When Traci rustles her leaves it is like us clapping our hands in praise. By sharing her seeds, she shows the boy that he should teach others about God and how to worship Him. The tree lifts her branches to the sky as a sign of surrender. She says "I want my Lord to look down upon me, and see me reaching up. I am a vessel for Him to fill."

Finally, the child asks Traci why she does all this. "Let everything that has breath give God all the praise. Not just when times are good, but in your trying days."

The next time the child comes to visit Traci, she's gone, but he hears her lessons in the wind, reminders of how stand firm in faith and worship God freely through all seasons of life.

What I Like: The text is beautiful! I love how it encourages kids (and parents) to be authentic and uninhibited with their praise. Publishers produce a ton of books about God and about the Bible, but there are very few that teach about personal worship. This book offers a great introduction to a neglected topic. The dedication to the author's cousin is a moving tribute as well. It made me wish I had known the woman after whom this book was named.

What I Dislike:
I would love to see supporting Scripture references (more than one) and an explanation of what happened to Traci. That part of the story seemed abrupt.

The biggest problem with this book, however, is that it's not attractive. I fear the cover and inside illustrations deter readers from getting to the uplifting text. They're simplistic offering primitive technique and style. Several of the pages feature images that are very similar, if not identical to previous pages, and many are fuzzy or pixelated. Unfortunately, the illustrations greatly detract from the wonderful text and the full potential of this book.

Overall Rating:
Good. If I were judging the text alone, I would definitely say "Very Good," but illustrations are a crucial element in picture books and these simply don't meet standards.

Age Appeal:
It's not specified, but I would say 5-10.

Publisher Info:
Angels of Agape, 2010; ISBN: 0615254667; Paperback, 32 pages; $9.95

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Ondrej from Popular Books said...

It sounds like it could provide a valuable lesson, even though I agree that the cover looks, well, amateur.

Tanya said...

You're absolutely right. The text really is worthy and could be used as an excellent teaching tool ... if you can get past the illustrations.

Mila Petersburg said...

Children's books like this one is surely a treasure for any Mom who wants to expose her Child to the teachings of God in the early stage. What's nice is that it is presented in a story which makes learning more interesting and easier for Kids.

Mila Petersburg
I love reading Christian books.

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