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Will Northaway and The Fight For Freedom

The events narrated in Will Northaway and The Fight For Freedom, written by Susan Olasky, take place during the summer of 1765, the historical period just before the American Revolution.
The story begins in Boston where Will Northaway, the central character, is apprenticed to Mr. Spelman, who is a printer. Mr. Spelman is loyal to the British crown, even though he doesn’t agree with everything the British are doing to the Colonists, especially when it comes to the Stamp Act.

The people in Boston are angry about the new tax and protests erupt throughout the town. Will and Mr. Spelman decide to move to a different town to escape the violence. But, the trouble follows them there, too.

When the story begins, Mr. Spelman doesn’t talk much about God or the Bible, but as the tales progresses, he turns more and more to the Bible to guide his actions. Not having been raised in a Christian household, Will doesn’t have a belief in God. He is spiritually conflicted about what he sees going on around him and how people are acting. But by witnessing his master’s need for spiritual guidance, Will is forced to consider his own views on the subject and must give serious consideration to what he believes and doesn’t believe in.

What I Like: I like historical fiction. The historical time period just before the American Revolution began was both a dangerous and exciting time in our country’s history. The story is told from Will’s point of view, providing the reader with a young person’s perspective on the time period.

What I Dislike: The book is very well written. However, although I realize the book is part of a series with Will as the central character throughout, the ending to this story still seemed a bit abrupt or unfinished, when the apprentice and master part ways. I would have liked a bit more closure for this book, as most books in a series can serve as stand-alone titles.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 9-12.

Publisher Info: Crossway Books, 2004; ISBN: 9781581344769; Paperback, 112 pages, $5.99.

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Special Info: This book is part of the publisher’s Young American Patriots series. Read our reviews of other books in the series.

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