Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All God's Bugs

Most children are fascinated with bugs, whether they are frightened of them or not. In All God's Bugs, by Laura Derico, a boy and his grandfather talk about the variety of bugs created by God. Your child will enjoy the vivid illustrations by Matt Smith as they explore the world of fireflies, ladybugs, flies, beetles, centipedes and more!

This book is a Seasonal book in the Happy Day Books series. The main character is a young boy who is sitting on the porch with his grandfather observing the fireflies lighting up the night sky. As the boy asks his grandpa how many bugs God made, the two of them start to count them.

They count flies, ladybugs, crickets, pillbugs, beetles, centipedes, moths, stickbugs, treehoppers, woolly-bears, and dragonflies. Grandpa tells his grandson:

"This book says there are over a million different bugs in the world!"

What I Like: This is a great little book. My girls really enjoyed the pictures, and we counted all of the bugs together. I like the addition of the Bible verse Psalm 104:24, at the end of the book.

What I Dislike: The text is a little awkward to read at times. Occasionally a page will rhyme, but the whole book isn't written that way, making it a little confusing to read out loud. I really don't think my girls noticed at all! Also, the book is written in first person, and the main character isn't given a name. My girls always want a name to put to the characters in their storybooks. These "dislikes" are very minor, though. My girls and I really enjoyed this book.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: The publisher states 4-8, but a 3 year old can enjoy this book if it is read out loud.

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2007; ISBN:0784719330; Paperback, $2.29.

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Special Info: This book is a part of the Happy Day Series put out by Standard Publishing. Interested in our other reviews of books in this series? Here they are!

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