Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When I'm a Daddy

When I'm a Daddy: A Little Boy's Guide to Biblical Fatherhood was written and illustrated by Ginger Adair Fulton. In it a young boy dreams of being a daddy when he grows up. In order to do it well, he knows he must follow God's instructions in the Bible. The pages that follow feature the boy's plans along with Scripture passages from Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Proverbs, Romans, Ephesians, and 1 Timothy. Each verse (quoted in the King James Version) offers direction for godly fathers.

Simple black and white line drawings compliment the text.

What I Like: Bible verses are given on every page to reinforce the text. I like the humble tone of the book. It encourages boys to be loving and gentle, always depending on God for strength and wisdom. These are fantastic lessons!

What I Dislike: While speaking of correcting his children, the main character twice mentions spanking. I wish it had not been so specific about the form of discipline. While I'm not adamantly against spanking, we do not spank in our home. I know our family is not unique in this way, and I would have preferred that alternative discipline methods had been mentioned or that this section had simply been left vague.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Zeezok, 2005; ISBN: 0974650595; Paperback; $4.95

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Special Info: The author also has a similar book for girls based on Proverbs 31: When I'm a Mommy.

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