Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Is God?

Who Is God? by Carolyn Nystrom and illustrated by Eira Reeves is one of the books in the Children's Bible Basic Series. This book answers questions such as: "What does God look like? How can God be three persons and only one God? How much does God know?"

The book points to the Bible as the basis for our knowledge of God and also admits that some things about the nature of God are beyond our comprehension -- too wonderful to even imagine!

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the child holding the Bible on the cover illustration is the main character of this book.

What I like: This book is very thoughtfully written. It is biblically accurate, and deals with questions that I know I had when I was a child. I'm sure many children will come to a better understanding of God by having this read to them. I also appreciate the Scripture references scattered throughout the book. This will help not only the parents to further discuss the truths in the book, but it will ensure that the children understand that we learn about God from His word.

What I dislike: The topic of sin and salvation isn't dealt with as clearly as are the other topics in the book. I would have liked to see more detail in this area.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: Ages 3 - 7.

Publishing Info: Moody Publishers, 1992;ISBN: 0802478573; Hardcover, $6.99.

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Special Info: Some parents may have trouble with the illustration of Jesus, which appears once in the book. Single parents may want to be aware that there are references to Daddy being in charge of and making decisions for the family.

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