Friday, June 22, 2007

A Hat for Ivan

A Hat for Ivan offers truths through enchanting story, the way only Max Lucado can do. This, like many of his other books, rings true for children and adults. David Wenzel provided beautiful illustrations full of detail and color. The characters are natural and well-developed.

The story is all about Ivan, an almost-ten-year-old who lives in Hatville. In Hatville everyone wears hats. What's more, the hats they wear tell everyone in town what they love most. Ivan's father is the hatmaker. He knows exactly how to make hats to perfectly fit the person who will wear them. A special "Hat Day" was celebrated whenever someone got their first hat. That always happened on their tenth birthday. Ivan't Hat Day was coming and he was very excited.

The people of Hatville were excited for Ivan. One day, not long before his Hat Day, Ivan was stopped while walking to school. He received three different hats from three different people. None of them were the hatmaker, so none of the hats fit. Ivan didn't want to hurt their feelings, so he tried to wear them anyway. Well, his day went from bad to worse. Everyone in town wanted him to wear their hats. He tried, but by the end of the day, Ivan had so many hats he could hardly stand! Finally, his father, the hatmaker found him. He told Ivan: "I have seen what happens when people wear hats they weren't intended to wear. They feel silly. They fall down. And they get tired." Then he helped Ivan up and took him home to make a hat just perfect for him.

What I Like: Everything! The illustrations are fantastic! The story is timeless, applicable for people of all ages. It is told simply, allowing children to understand a complex truth: Other people may try to make you something you're not, but it never works and it doesn't make you happy. You were created for something special. Only that will make you happy and fulfilled. This is a wonderful book.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Crossway Books, 2004; ISBN: 1581344147; Hardback; $15.99

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Additional Info: This is also available as a board book for $6.99. See reviews of other books by Max Lucado.

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