Wednesday, June 20, 2007

God Created

God Created, written by Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones and illustrated by Jui Ishida, is a short poetic text about the things God created - the heavens and the earth, men and women, plants and animals, etc. The book starts like this:
In the beginning. . .

Silence. Spirit.

God created everything.

The heavens, the skies, the air, the rain, the water, the earth.

All the pages are illustrated with vivid paintings of people, plants and animals. These paintings illuminate the pages of the book. The illustrations have a poetic quality, too, as they match the text of the book. For instance: After a list of animals God created, are the words: “God created all these and much more, and much more, so much more.” This text is illustrated with swirls of color and light in the background. Then, the illustration flows gracefully into the next page, where there are bright pictures of birds and insects. Except for the first and last pages, all the illustrations are full, two-page spreads.

What I Like: I like the simple language of the text and the beautiful illustrations.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 4-8.

Publisher Info: Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2003; ISBN: 0806645687; Hardcover: $16.99.

Special Info: Visit the illustrator’s website.

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