Friday, April 6, 2007

The Times of Jesus

The Time of Jesus by Lois Rock offers projects for you and your children. Children like to hear stories about Jesus, but when they can create something that Jesus (or early Christians) onced used, those stories will really stick with them. Here you'll find projects for: sandals, clay lamps, a manger (using cardboard boxes), flat bread, and much more, for a total of 20 projects. The author retells stories and parables found in the Bible and gives interesting facts for each project. There are illustrations on every page and color photos of the finished projects. This book can be used for extra Sunday school class projects, or keep at home. Do more than tell your children about Jesus and days of old. Get them involved in recreating items once used by early Christians.

What I liked: Everything. My children really enjoyed being able to "make these stories" instead of just sitting and listening. They loved being involved and thought these projects were "cool" (so did I).

What I disliked: Nothing. The materials needed to make these projects can be obtained from local craft stores, supermarkets, etc...

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: My guess is 7 and up. Adult supervision is needed.

Publisher Info: Lion Publishing 1998 ; ISBN 0-7459-4080-3 ; Barnes & Noble (out of stock)

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