Saturday, April 7, 2007

Most of All, Jesus Loves You!

Most of All, Jesus Loves You! is a simple book proclaiming a very profound truth. Written by Noel Piper (wife of pastor and author John Piper), this book reminds children they are loved by many people, but most of all, Jesus loves them.

The illustrations by Debby Anderson fill the pages with vivid colors and joyful expressions. People of all skin colors are represented.

Included with the book is a poster portraying Jesus and a number of children. It quotes John 3:16.

What I Like: The concept is wonderful! This is indeed a foundational truth. Mrs. Piper does a wonderful job laying it out for young minds to fully grasp. It reads easily. My favorite part is actually the dedication. It is so precious, evidence of the author's love for her children. And the illustrations are great.

What I Dislike: The length versus price. I felt the book was far too short and simplistic for the price. I would rate it higher if the cost were reasonably paired to the content. Also, I think this would be better as a boardbook rather than hardback. Babies will rip through this in no time leaving even less of the short content to read.

Overall Rating: Ho-hum.

Age Appeal: Baby-Preschool

Publisher Info: Crossway Books, 2004; ISBN: 1581346301; Hardback; $9.99

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