Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shaoey and Dot: A Thunder and Lightning Bug Story

Shaoey and Dot: A Thunder and Lightning Bug Story shows children they have no need to fear in the dark because God is everywhere. Shaoey is an adorable little Chinese girl, and Dot is her ladybug friend. One night the lights go out during a thunderstorm. Shaoey is very frightened. Dot reminds her there are worse things to fear -- like sharing your bunk bed with a whale or having to help an alligator brush his teeth. Dot tells a few fun things to do in the dark, too. She concludes with "But the one thing to always remember is that God's there, wherever you are. He's always watching and taking care of you, and His eyes even see in the dark!"

Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, this is the third book in the Shaoey and Dot series. Steven Curtis Chapman is well-known throughout the Christian community for his music. He and his wife have six children, three of which have been adopted from China. The Shaoey and Dot series grew from their experiences as adoptive parents. All the books in the series are illustrated by Mary Beth's brother, Jim Chapman. He and his wife have also adopted from China. The illustrations are cute and imaginative. Done almost entirely in line drawings, they are sketchy, but quite detailed.

What I Like: This book is perfect for all kids who fear the dark, be they adopted or not! It reminds kids God is their Protector and He's always there. I love the line about God seeing even the dark. The book has helped my daughter not be frightened. She loves it!

An added bonus: the main character is obviously Asian. My sister was adopted from Korea, so I love this series. While this book makes no mention of adoption, the series together does. It makes adoption understandable for children and features a little girl who looks similar to my kids' cousins. Every child, whether touched by adoption or not, will benefit from understanding the concept for all believers are adopted by God. The details of this truth are key to the Christian faith.

What I Dislike: It's short! There are only four lines of poetry on every other page. I expected the book to be longer -- especially considering the age recommendation. Also, the colors were a little too pastel for my taste.

Overall Rating: (upper side of) Good.

Age Appeal: 9-12 according to Amazon, but I would say 3 and above

Publisher Info: Tommy Nelson, 2006; ISBN: 1400307430; Hardback; $10.99

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Additional Info: The Chapmans have founded the organization Shaohannah's Hope to aid families seeking to adopt. Learn more at

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