Tuesday, March 20, 2007

47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea

Brand new from Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, comes 47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea. Illustrated by Jared Chapman, this hardback book is filled with fresh colors and expressive characters.

The book is introduced by Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 which state "Two are better than one..." The author states "Forty-seven are even better than two."

Beginning with a fellow named Trapper Stu, the story tells of forty-seven beavers who discover working together is best. They start by rowing away from the shore while their captor argues on land. Before long they find themselves lost at sea in their small boat in a very big storm. Their bad gets worse when a hungry shark comes swimming by. One trial after another faces this crew. Through cooperation and creative thinking, they come out on top. The author concludes the story with a personal application: "...we've been blessed, and things go best when we all work together!"

Included with the book is a CD offering a musical version of the book.

What I Like: The rhyming is great and introduces new vocabulary in easy-to-learn settings. The illustrations are bright, perfect for preschoolers. I like that the book teaches more than just working together. It does a wonderful job there, but it also teaches perseverance and optimism. Some of the beavers complain, but the leader is always positive and encouraging. My kids love the CD! It's a fun tune, easy to replicate.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 4-8, though my kids love it at 3 years and 19 months

Publisher Info: Tommy Nelson, 2007; ISBN: 1400308364; Hardback; $15.99

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