Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Wonder ... Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb?

I Wonder ... Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb? is a wonderful offering by award-winning author, Janette Oke. This hardcover book is filled with imaginings about Jesus as a child. We know about His birth and His adult ministry, but we know hardly anything about His life as a young boy. The author invites children to imagine what His life may have been like. Did He like to go fishing with His grandfather? What were His favorite toys? Coupled with warm and beautiful illustrations, the book wonders if Jesus had a pet; how He liked school; what His favorite food may have been and who His best friends were. Corbert Gauthier does a terrific job illustrating this book with vivid and life-like paintings. The pictures truly pull the reader with a human view of Jesus.

What I Like: The concept is joyful, putting flesh on a character seldom seen as normal. While it is important for children to understand Jesus is not a normal person, they must also understand that He lived a normal life here on earth; He felt the same things we feel and encountered the same trials we face -- even as a child. I applaud the author for presenting Christ in such a personal light and encouraging children to do the same. Furthermore, the illustrations are fantastic! I can almost hear the Christ-child laughing and taste the fresh peach He picks from the orchard. The book is delightful.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Bethany House, 2004; ISBN: 076422901X; Hardback; $9.99

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