Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Saul Is Born Again: The Confession of Paul the Apostle

Saul Is Born Again: The Conversion of the Apostle Paul, by Rev. Jim Reimann, is a retold version of the Saul’s conversion to the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. The story references Luke 1:26-35 & 2:1-20. The story is short, with only six pages of text.

The chalk drawing illustrations by Rony Tamir are somewhat wooden in appearance but they seem to work well with the text.

What I Like: I appreciate the effort the author puts into writing this story.

What I Dislike: However, having said that, like other stories written by the author, the text of this one is in rhyme. Many of you know I am not a big fan of rhyming picture books because it’s so hard to write in rhyme and do it well. Although the ends of the lines in the text of this story do rhyme, the rhythm is forced as the author tries to squeeze too many syllables into some of the sentences just so the end words rhyme. That throws off the rhythm of the words.

Overall Rating: Ho hum.

Age Appeal: I’d say 4-8 would be the appropriate age group for this book, as the story is quite short. However, some of the vocabulary is over and above that normally used for this age group.

Publisher Info: Intelectly, 2014; ISBN: 9789657607190; Paperback, $6.66.

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Special Info: Visit the author’s website. Read our reviews of other books written by Jim Reimann [http://ccbreview.blogspot.com/search?q=jim+reimann].

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