Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trouble at Silver Pines Inn

Trouble at Silver Pines Inn, written by Gloria Repp is a Christian mystery novel for children ages 9-12.  The main character, Nick encounters mystery and adventure while working with his mother and brother at his aunt's beach side inn.  Nick meets a variety of interesting guests at the inn and also needs to take care of his grouchy grandfather.

Readers will love that the story is told from Nick's point of view.  They get to join him as he shares his faith and belief in Jesus Christ with others.   It is fun to travel with Nick as he solves mysteries in the inn, learns about the Jersey shore, makes new friends and encounters disaster!

What I Like: As a 5th grade teacher in a Christian school, I am always on the lookout for quality Christian literature for this age level. I truly loved this book!  It was exciting and suspenseful.  The characters were truly realistic and will remind the children of people in their own lives.

The author also truly did her research!  She wrote detailed descriptions of the setting and animals of the region. There was also scientific information included within the story line about why kites fly.  Best of all the author includes scripture and Biblical principles.
What I Dislike: There was nothing about the story or the writing that I disliked. However, I didn't think that the illustrations did the story justice.  The drawings are black and white and not as beautiful as the descriptions in the story.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: 9-12
Publisher Info: JourneyForth BJU Press 1998; ISBN:978-1-57924-000-4;  Paperback chapter book, 149 pages, $8.99

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Special Info: Teachers and Homeschooling Moms should be aware that a Trouble at Silver Pines Inn Teacher's Guide is available for $23.89.  I use this guide when I read this novel with my students.  I find it extremely helpful.  It provides a verse to apply to each chapter and worksheets, activities and science experiments.

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Gloria Repp said...

What a wonderful, encouraging review! Thank you, Amy. I'll remember your insightful comments as I write.