Monday, September 7, 2015

The Jesus Boat

How would you feel if you discovered an ancient boat from Biblical times? The Jesus Boat, by Reverend Jim Reinmann, is based on a true account of two boys who discover an antiquated boat buried on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It became known as “The Jesus Boat”.

The story begins with two Jewish fishermen. In 1986, they come across a truck stuck in the mud. During the process of digging it out, they uncover the great 2000 year-old find. Scientists verified its authenticity and it was placed in a museum.

After that, the tale segues into the time of Christ. The illustrations show Jesus on the boat. He calms a storm while his disciples look on. This portion of the story is based on Mark 4:35-41. Although this isn’t stated in the text, the author sites this Scripture reference on the back cover, and he encourages readers to locate and read the passage.

An intricate drawing of the boat as displayed in the museum and a sketch of what the restored boat may have looked like are located on the last two pages.

The book is written in rhyme. Each two-page spread includes a pencil drawing, done by Naywan Zoubi, and a four-line verse.

What I Like: I didn’t know about this archaeological discovery; I found that fact very interesting.

What I Dislike: The rhyming text doesn’t always work. The meter is sometimes awkward on the tongue when read aloud, and the rhyme that drives the word choice and structure of the narrative often feels forced. I also wasn’t a big fan of the illustrations. They seemed inconsistent to me in that some images seemed to strive for a realistic depiction while others came across as cartoonish.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: Ages 3-9

Publisher Info: Intelecty LTD, 2013, ISBN: 978-9657607084; Paperback/ Kindle, 24 pgs., $6.99

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Special Info: There are ten books in this bestselling series, all designed and produced in Israel. Many have been translated into other languages. Other titles include: Stories of Yeshua, The Baptism of Jesus, John 3:16: Jesus And Nicodemus In Jerusalem, Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World, Jesus Is Alive: The Empty Tomb In Jerusalem, Jesus Is Born! The Bethlehem Story, Jesus Raises A Little Girl to Life - A Miracle in Capernaum, Saul is Born Again, and more.

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