Friday, September 18, 2015

40 Days, 40 Bites: A Family Guide to Pray For the World

In 40 Days, 40 Bites: A Family Guide to Pray for the World, author Trudi Parkes covers the needs of more than twenty different countries around the world. She talks about hunger, poverty, the need for clean water, and the need for Bible translators. As hard as it might be to believe, there are still millions of people around the world who have not yet heard about Jesus.

Each day’s devotion focuses on a different topic or a different part of the world. Each devotion has a Bible reference. The layout and info varies, but some day’s devotions have sections called “New Words,” “Did You Know?” and “Fact File.” Each of these includes additional information about the day’s topic. Each devotion also includes a sample prayer as well as a specific item to pray for.

What I Like: I like the format of the book, with 40 different ways to pray for people around the world, so you can learn about one person/one place each day for 40 days. You can do one chapter every day or break it down into whatever form works best for you.

What I Dislike: I’m puzzled as to why the title is 40 DAYS, 40 BITES, when this book does not deal with food in any particular way. Perhaps the author liked the way it sounded because it's almost like "40 days, 40 nights?" I think the title is a bit misleading as I was expecting a book that perhaps provided 40 different ways to eat healthier in 40 days or 40 ways to help stamp out hunger in 40 days.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: The way this book is written, it’s great for the whole family. Young children would need the book read/explained to them, while older ones could read for themselves. The targeted reading age would probably be 10 and up.

Publisher Info: CF4Kids, 2014; ISBN: 9781781914014; paperback, 96 pages, $7.99.

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Special Info: Be aware the author spells many words the British way. For example, “organization” is spelled “organisation” and “labor” is spelled “labour.” This isn’t a problem, it’s just good to be aware of the different spellings so you don’t think the text is filled with typos.


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