Thursday, August 6, 2015

Building Blocks in Life Science

If you homeschool or supplement your child's education at home, you might be tired of science books being filled with evolutionary theory taught as fact. It's difficult to get away from. But Building Blocks in Life Science by Gary Parker (Ed.D) is different; it's filled with information about creation science.

Parker, a former atheist, does a good job of explaining the basics of biology in this book.You'll find information on DNA, patterns and structure, classification, living cells, molecules, and other basic biological science. The first chapter hits evolution head on, challenging it and poking holes in the theory. The rest of the book doesn't let up, continuing to link science to God and the Bible.

For anyone not familiar with the creationist viewpoint, Building Blocks is a great place to start. At a time when Richard Dawkins, possibly the most respected scientist in the world today, admits evolution makes no sense without a creator or creators - creators he thinks were aliens, not God - giving creation theory a hard look is vital to a good education.

What I Like: Overall, I think this book is a good introduction to creation theory. It's a textbook, complete with a few work pages, but could be read by anyone with curiosity about creation and biology.

What I Dislike: Building Blocks book is marred a bit by the author's tone. There are too many exclamation points (which aren't very scholarly) and sometimes rather snide comments about evolution or other topics contrary to the author's view. A textbook is no place for an author to express opinions.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn't give an age or grade recommendation, but I'd say 8th grade and up.

Publishing Info: New Leaf Publishing/Master Books, 2011; ISBN 978-0890515891; paperback, 159 pgs., $15.99

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