Saturday, March 21, 2015

Candle Bible for Kids Board Book

Candle Bible for Kids Board Book, by Juliet David and Jo Perry, contains 10 stories from the Bible, including the story of creation, Noah, Moses, Jesus’ birth and that of the feeding of the multitudes with just five loaves and two fishes.

With the exception of two of them, each story is four pages long. The others are two pages and six pages in length, respectively.

The illustrations are bright, colorful and expressive for a younger audience.

What I Like: The stories are short and simple

What I Dislike: Although the stories are short and simple, I question the use of some of the words in the text, such as “astonished,” “wicked,” and “forever.” This book is intended for toddlers, but these words seem above their age level.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 3-5 years.

Publisher Info: Candle Books, 2014; ISBN: 9781781281017; Boardbook, $9.99.

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