Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank You, God

Thankfulness is something we all need to nourish in our hearts, and J. Bradley Wigger's Thank You, God is a pleasant way to do that with children. Illustrated by The Jesus' Storyboook Bible's artist, Jago, and written by a professor of religious education, this attractive picture book is simple and joyous.

The first pages reveal a rising sun, then a family waking in their house, then a young girl greeting the new day. When the text begins, it begins at the beginning:

"Thank you, God,
for the sun smiling on our earth
to wake up the day,
for the light opening my eyes
to see all you have made."

Other pages thank God for family and friends, home, food, the outdoors, rain, animals...then:
"Bless you, God,
for this day,
for life,
for your love holding us together.

The last page shows a setting sun.

What I Like: The illustrators are pure Jago. They are beautiful, but not exactly traditional. (You can see some Jago's work at his website.) The text is very simple, but it's also appealing to young children. But what I love best about this book is how it shows children how to be thankful from sun up to sun set.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: about 2 - 8

Publishing Info: Eerdmans , 2014; ISBN 978-0802854247; hardback, 26 pgs.,$12.84

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LoriB said...

Thanks for this review! Looks perfect for our school library. I added it to my cart at ULS (library store) and it is a book that they actually stock! Love it when Christian literature is readily accessible to everyone!