Thursday, October 16, 2014

David and Goliath Dry-Erase Activity Tablet

Moms know dry erase is better than sliced bread. Kids love dry erase, dry erase products can be used over and over again, and if you use dry erase crayons (as opposed to pens), you don't have to worry about kids getting pen stains all over the house. Knowing these things, Dr. Mary Manz Simon has created David and Goliath, a dry erase booklet (or "tablet," as the publisher calls it), specially designed for pre-K learning.

The 14-page booklet tells the Bible story of David and Goliath, giving children something to draw on every page. For example, when David talks to King Saul, children are asked to draw the king's crown - and when David collects five stones, children are asked to draw them into the picture. After the story, there are several pages of educational activities, including alike and different pages, matching shapes, things that don't belong, and things that start with the letter D. The last page of the book has a short prayer, plus a Bible verse to memorize.

This book also has a go-with item, which, while it's not a book and must be purchased separately, is important to mention: It's a set of 24 double sided dry erase cards that really up the level of learning the booklet offers. The cards include activities for recognizing different sizes, clapping out syllables, counting, recognizing letters, same and different, shapes, and more.

What I Like: My children (including my 9 year old, who is much too old for pre-K learning!) LOVED this set! They literally spent most of the day working with it. And I know that not only did the booklet and cards reinforce their knowledge about a Bible story, but they had educational value beyond that, too. I really can't recommend this set enough for the pre-K crowd.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: about 4 - 6.

Publishing Info: Dayspring, 2014; UPC # 081983551550; wire binding, 14 pgs., $5.99 (dry erase cards $4.99)

Buy at for $3.99

Buy the dry erase activity cards for $4.99 

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