Saturday, February 8, 2014

The World of Science

It's no secret American kids, when compared to children in other first world countries, lag behind in science. If you want to help boost your child's science knowledge, The World of Science is a great choice. This book is packed with full color photos and drawings, engaging sidebars of interesting fact, science projects, and the basics of:

* Matter and Chemicals
* Energy, Motion, and Machines
* Electricity and Magnetism
* Light and Sound
* Earth and Life
* and Space and Time.

The Introduction begins by quoting  the creation story (Gen. 2:20) and concludes: "Here is the first record of a type of scientific classification, giving unique names to each distinct living creature." It also mentions the importance of godly wisdom when it comes to science. The remainder of the book barely mentions God, but it avoids avoids controversial topics such as evolution, young earth vs. old earth, and global warming. The science projects in the back of the book include:

* Sprouting seeds
* Growing mold
* Growing crystals
* Chemical reactions
* Electrolysis
* Making an autogyro
* Water cycle projects
* Optical fibers
* Camera in a box
* Making a spectrum
* Convected and conducted heat
* High and low pressure
* Making a battery
* Making a compass
* Making an electromagnet
* Making a simple electric motor

and more.

What I Like: My kids couldn't wait to get their hands on this book. It is so colorful and so packed with interesting photos and drawings, they were eager to spend time just looking at it. I also find the text easy to understand; my 8 year old can very much understand it. And I love the projects at the back of the book; they make it very easy to read a bit about a topic, then put it into action.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: Second grade to perhaps high school.

Publishing Info: Master Books, 2011; ISBN:  978-0890516188; hardback, 248 pgs., $19.15

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