Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mr. Blue Butterfly

Mr. Blue Butterfly by Kirk Kennedy is a wonderful book teaching children the beauty of friendship, diversity, and accepting those who appear different from us.

Recently, my daughter has become aware that we all (in general) look different- hair color and type, skin color, eye color, and the like. This was a great book to reference her to.

Mr. Butterfly was born with blue wings. No one wanted to play with him because he was "different and strange." One day, while being laughed at, Mr. Blue Butterfly noticed a rainbow and asked his mocker to look at all of the colors. He explained that the rainbow was made up of different colors, and although his wings were blue and another butterfly's wings were green, they were all insects.

What I Like: As Mr. Blue Butterfly's story is told, we see that God brings a Miss Blue Butterfly into his life designed perfectly for him. What a wonderful way to show our children that regardless of how anyone else feels about us, God has designed a special someone to love us anyway.

I also like that by the end of the story, all of the insects have learned the lesson of friendship and acceptance and share in the Blue Butterfly's wedding.

What I Dislike: I like the illustrations that Rafael Nazario did for the book in general. However, I had a hard time with the eyes of the butterflies. They are hard to "connect" with because their eyes have been given a solid greenish color and no pupil (probably to emulate the eyes of a real butterfly). The Green Moth and a random fish in a pond have "eyes," but the main characters and the other butterflies do not.

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: 6-8 year old

Publisher Info: Mascot Books, 2013; ISBN: 978-1-62086-256-8 ; hardcover, 38 pgs., $14.95

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