Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Very Little Christmas Story

My Very Little Christmas Story by Lois Rock and illustrated by Alex Ayliffe is the perfect little board book to introduce the Christmas account to toddlers.

Small children have a hard time sitting through a book with lots of words in it. My Very Little Christmas Story solves that by using as few words per page to get the story across without taking anything away from the truth of the account.

The book is illustrated so well that parents can even use the pictures as a guide to either tell the story or elaborate on the words by pointing out the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, a sheep, a cat, a chicken, or any of the other animals illustrated throughout the pages.

The fact that this is a board book also helps to alleviate the fear of little hands tearing it. Children can hold it, turn the pages, and, because it is 3.9x3.9 inches square, carry it around with them (as my two year old does).

What I Like: This book is concise, yet includes the entire account of Christmas (in addition to the Wise Men's visit). If a parent reads this book to her child over and over again throughout the Christmas season, by the end, her toddler will know the Christmas account well. 

What I Dislike: I thoroughly enjoyed this did my 2 year old.
Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 2-5 years old.

Publisher Info: Lion Hudson Plc., 2011; ISBN: 987-0-7459-6257-3; board book, 12 pgs., $4.99

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