Friday, November 1, 2013

God Made Something Clever: Find the Animal

Engage your child with this interactive book written by Penny Reeve. God Made Something Clever, Find the Animal, will teach your child about clever animals. Each page spread has interactive elements for a child to participate in:

"Let's go on an adventure. What will we find? It's something that God has made. It's something clever!"

The child is then asked two questions:

"Can you find the rabbit?"
"Where are the red flowers?"

A scripture is referenced as well: "The Lord is a God who knows," I Samuel 2:3

The illustrations, rendered by Roger De Clerk, are colorful and cheerful. Each page spread uses the same technique detailed above. Your child will also find a butterfly, bird, baby chicken, green hose, mouse, purple bag, sheep, worm, yellow flowers, chicken, and determine the color of a boy's hat and dog's collar. There are eight Scriptures to read and think about as well!

What I Like: This is a sweet book, and I like the fact that children can get involved with searching and finding animals and other objects while learning about God.

What I Dislike: I don't dislike anything about this book

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: The publisher states ages 4-8, but I feel that younger preschoolers would benefit as well by having the book read aloud to them.

Publisher Info: Christian Focus Publications, YEAR: 2006; ISBN: 1857927729; Paperback, pgs.16, $4.99

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Special Info: This book is one in a series of Find the Animal books. We have also reviewed God Made Something Amazing. Also, teacher's notes to support this series of books are available for download from the author's website.  

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