Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Greatest King: A Christian Adventure

The Greatest King: A Christian Adventure, written and illustrated by Jerry Yu Ching and Mike Onghai, is a cartoon-styled picture book telling the story of a prince who was “proud, arrogant and mean.” He wanted everyone to worship him and he wanted everyone who didn’t to be punished. He got so obnoxious his father, the king, banished him from the kingdom. He told his son not to come back until he had found “the Greatest King.”

His search took him on several adventures where he met several kings: The Forest King who controlled every plant and animal of the Forest Kingdom; the Kingdom of Pleasure where the king could grant each and every one of  his subjects their hearts’ greatest desires; and the King of Strength who had the power to crush mountains with his fist.

But, none of these kings was the “Greatest” one. They all recognized the power and majesty of the “Greatest” King of all mankind. When the Prince discovers the Greatest King, he learns a valuable lesson about service and humility.

The cartoon-like illustrations are bold and eye-catching.

What I Like: I like the illustrations. They are just incredible and make the book very pleasing to the eye.

What I Dislike: There were a couple of typos in the text. That’s not a big thing; it’s just something I thought I should point out.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 6-12.

Publisher Info: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012; ISBN: 9781481058513; Paperback, 52 pages, $12.99.

Buynow at Amazon.com $12.99! 


Susanna said...

Wow. Definitely looks like something I'll have to check out. Great review - thanks!

Christine M. Irvin said...


Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site and read our reviews. We really appreciate your doing so.

I'm glad you like the review. I thought the book was very well done. The illustrations are just awesome!


Shelly said...

Lovely post..I wanna read this asap:)

Christine M. Irvin said...


Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site, read our reviews, and leave a comment. We appreciate your doing so. I hope you enjoy the book. It's very well done.


Anonymous said...


I just found your site. I am actually in search of a book that I used to read to my younger children. I think it was called Timothy Titus falls out of his nest. It was not a phenomenal book, but it was a Christian children's book. Probably in the 3-6 year old range. For some reason my children loved it, and we watched a mama bird in our yard take care of her baby just like the book. I want to find it for the memories, and for my younger children. I would appreciate any help! Thanks so much! Can't wait to navigate your site. :)

Proverbs Thirty One Woman said...

Anonymous, I wonder if the title is correct. I looked for the book at both Amazon and ABEbooks.com and couldn't find it. ABE is really, really extensive, so that's what makes me think the title is incorrect. OR perhaps it was published by a very small press and had a tiny printing. Sorry I can't be of more help!