Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Humble Heart: A Book of Virtues

Amy Meyer Allen's colorful, simple Humble Heart is a book of virtues for very young children. It covers the topics of humbleness, love, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, mercy, encouragement, comfort, courage, and joy, all in short, easy chapters.

Each chapter begins with the name of a virtue, and an easy-to-understand definition. For example: "Humility: having a gentle and mild spirit; not being proud." The next page tells the name of the chapter: "Humble Honeybee Learns about Humility." Then a short, simple story follows. For example, in the chapter on humbleness, we learn that Humble Honeybee lives in a beehive on the farm of Babo Bear. Her job is to collect nectar - and she works hard. But she never wants anyone to help her. In fact, one day she decides life would be easier if she just made the honey all by herself. But in this attempt, her wings get stuck together and she has no choice but to call for help. At last, Babo rescues her. "It's better to work together," he says. Humble learns not to be so proud; she can ask for help - and give it.

Allen ends each story with a question. (For example, "Have you ever been too proud to ask for help?") Then she offers an applicable Bible verse.
What I Like: Both my children (4 and 7) were immediately attracted to this book's bright, friendly illustrations. The length of each story is quite short, so there's little chance to get wiggly. My children could mostly relate to the problems of each character, and my youngest seemed to enjoy learning some new words (like "humble" and "mercy"). This is a book we'll read again and again.

What I Dislike: Occasionally a chapter is so short, I feel the author rushed - but my kids didn't seem to notice.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: toddler to preschool

Publishing Info: Tyndale; 2013; ISBN: 978-1414380698; hardback, 192 pgs. total, $14.99

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