Friday, September 28, 2012

When a Family Starts

Eric Young wrote When a Family Starts to present "God's perfect plan." The introductory note from the author briefly describes God's character as patient, wonderful and forgiving. He then offers a very succinct recap of the story of Adam and Eve.

Told through rhyming text, the book emphasizes God's plan for marriage to be between one man and one woman. After they are married, God blesses them with children in order to fill the earth with joy.

Katrina DeMoreta provided whimsical illustrations bursting with color. The characters are presented in expressive, cartoon-like style.

What I Like: The illustrations are great. Honestly, the cover shown doesn't do them justice. They're bright and playful. The author provided some Bible references in the introductory note, which is nice.

What I Dislike: The book's purpose is not clear. Is it trying to discuss where babies come from? Or to defend traditional marriage? If the later, then I suppose it succeeded as a very basic introduction for young audiences, but if the child is exposed to alternative relationships and lifestyles, there really is no explanation or argument toward following traditional, biblical models. If the former, however, it completely missed the mark. It presents an almost mystical answer, one that only prompts more questions, especially if the child (reader) has ever met anyone who isn't married but is a parent. I really hate giving low ratings. I can see this book having great potential, but, unfortunately, the delivery falls far short. It needs a clear purpose.

Overall Rating: Ho-Hum.

Age Appeal: Not provided by the author or publisher, but I would say 3-5.

Publisher Info: SonPowered Publications, Inc., 2012; ASIN: B0090N4LPI; Kindle; 7 pgs., $2.99

Buy it Now at for $2.99.

Special Info: This book is best viewed on a Kindle Fire or some other e-reader with a color screen. You'll want to turn your device into the horizontal position as the book seems formatted in two-page spreads.

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SonPowered Publications, Inc. said...

Thank-you Ms. Tanya. You have blessed us so much by giving of your time and talent to review our little picture book. We very much appreciate how exquisitely and distinctly you recognized and stated in your opening comments the purpose of “When A Family Starts”, which is indeed to provide “a very basic introduction” emphasizing to people 3 to 5 years old, “God's plan for marriage to be between one man and one woman”. We are especially delighted to know the book clearly speaks this point without comment or couching from us.

We were doubly blessed to see from your comments that this read-to-me / early reader book will naturally evoke parent / child conversations on topics and questions such as, “where babies come from?” and dealing with “alternative relationships and lifestyles”? This throws open wide the opportunity for parents to instill biblical values in their children respective to their own family and culture. Though we have to admit we were confused by this being presented as something not liked.