Monday, September 24, 2012

Noah and God's Great Promise: Biblical Values (I Can Read!)

If you’re looking for a Bible story your developing reader can read independently, check out Noah and God’s Great Promise. This level 2 I Can Read! book tells the story of Noah’s ark using sentences and words that are a little bit longer and more sophisticated than the simple, short sentences and easily decodable words found in a level 1 I Can Read! book.

Before the story begins, it sites Psalm 145:13 NIrV: The Lord is faithful and will keep all his promises. Readers then follow Noah as he builds the ark, deals with scornful neighbors, and collects animals. After that, the rains come… and come… and come, flooding the whole earth. Noah and the animals stay safe on the ark until finally the waters recede, and God places a rainbow in the sky.

The illustrations, done by Dennis G. Jones, are delightfully fun. Full of whimsical energy and interesting detail, these cartoon-like pictures make a fine accompaniment to the text. Most pages contain no more than four sentences, which allows ample room for the illustrations to work their magic.

What I Like: Jones is one of my favorite Christian artists. I’d buy just about any book he illustrated! My kids have always loved his work too. I also appreciate some of the engaging word choices. For example, the story uses words like FLASH! and pitter-patter to liven up the text.

What I Dislike: The story has a few gaps that parents might want to fill in. For example, Noah’s family is mentioned (once) but never shown. I think it would be important to note who was included in the family. Also, the story says, “God promised to never send a flood again.” Well… anyone familiar with Katrina or even smaller scale flooding might take issue with that statement. Parents would need to clarify that the story meant a worldwide flood.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: Ages 4 and up.

Publisher Info: ZonderKidz, 2010; ISBN:978-0310718840; Paperback, 32 pgs., $3.99

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