Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The World of Animals

If you want a family book about animals that doesn't constantly refer to evolution, The World of Animals is an excellent choice. This beautiful, hardbound book is packed full of color photographs and illustrations, making it a delight to even young children. The text, which can be read to children as young as kindergarten or so (but appeals even to adults), covers simple animals (like sponges and jellyfish); worms, snails, and starfish; insects and other arthropods; fish; amphibians and reptiles; birds; and mammals. Within these categories, specific animals are usually given a two page spread of text explaining how the animal lives.

For example, in the mammal section, a two page spread is given to various types of bats. We learn there are two basic types of bats: fruit bats and flying foxes; and insect-eating bats. We learn the difference between the two, that most bats are nocturnal, how they eat, how they navigate, how they use their claws, and so on. A sidebar explains the complexity of a bat wing. Another sidebar explains echolocation. And there is a truth vs. fiction section on vampire bats.

Really, with the exception of the introduction, which talks about creation and Noah's flood, this book isn't a "Christian" book. It simply omits mention of evolution.

What I Like: This book is gorgeous and very inviting. Even my toddler enjoys looking at the pictures, and my first grader loves having me read bits and pieces of the book.The text is simple, but not dumbed-down. And there is no mention of evolution.
What I Dislike: Nothing.
Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: Kindergarteners to adults

Publishing Info: Master Books; 2011; ISBN: 978-0890516171; hardback, 256 pgs., $24.99.Link
Buy Now at Amazon for $18.24, OR buy from ChristianBook.com for $16.29


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