Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where's Jesus?

Got a little detective in the house? Had enough of "Where's Waldo?" Then Where's Jesus? may be for your child.

Through a series of biblically-based scenes, your little reader is on the prowl for Jesus, Mary, David, Moses, a lion, a lamb, and a dove. And it's not as easy as it looks. Crowds hide those you search for, just as in a Where's Waldo? book. Short descriptions of those you search for accompany many of the pages to help familiarize the reader with the characters.

What I Like: Honestly? Nothing.

What I Dislike: I took one look at this book and thought, "Where's Waldo, Jesus-style." Exploring the inside of the book didn't improve my thoughts about it. Other than the halo and the shafts of light from Heaven, the Jesus on the cover looks to me like a drugged-out hippie, complete with a thumbs up.

I also found several of the descriptions and images questionable in historical accuracy and sound theology. For instance, on the page talking about David, the writer (who, by the way, is never credited) indicates David lived by the principle of "who dares, wins." I don't get that from the Bible. Instead, the Bible shows a man who lived by the principle of seeking God's heart in almost everything.

Another example comes from the page about Jesus. Here, the author indicates Jesus "promoted justice." Nope; I don't find that one in the Bible, either. Justice isn't about turning the other cheek, or giving someone your coat when he demands your shirt (both found in Matthew 5:39-40).

While I admit I didn't take a ton of time to examine this book, I had difficulty locating everyone on every page. David especially caused me problems--I think I only found him three times, although he was supposed to be found in every scene.

Overall Rating: Poor

Age Appeal: 4 - 8

Publisher Info: King Solomon Publishing, 2010; ISBN: 978-0-646-55029-9; Hardback, 42 pgs., $12.97

Buy it at for $12.97.

Special Info: It should go without saying that Jesus' face is on every page. Also, there is a game for your iPhone/iPad.

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