Thursday, May 31, 2012

God Cares for Little Birdies Too

God Cares for Little Birdies Too, written by Kristen Thornton, is the story of Little Birdie. Little Birdie is looking for a good place to eat because he is being forced out of his regular feeding spot by bigger, meaner birds. He goes to bed hungry that night, frustrated in his attempts to get food.

So, he prays and asks God to help him find a new place to feed. God answers his prayer as in the morning Little Birdie is directed to a new bird feeder filled with plenty of seed. He is able to eat as much as he wants. In fact, there is so much food he sings a song telling his friends to come join him as there is enough for everyone.

The illustrations by Rebecca Riffey are bright and colorful.

What I Like: I like the message, Although Little Birdie was small he didn’t let his size deter him from finding what he needed. He trusted God to help him. Birdie prayed for help and God showed him, in a dream, where he could find food that he needed. 

What I Dislike: The text is written in rhyme. I’m not a big fan of rhyming verse because it’s difficult to do and do it well. Although some of the rhyming text is fine, there are many parts where the rhythm and rhyme scheme are off. I believe the story would have been stronger if the text had simply been written in story form without the rhyme.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8.

Publisher Info: Tate Publishing, 2011; ISBN: 9781617770425; Paperback, $8.99.

Special Info: The publisher includes a link in the back of the book where the reader can get a digital version of the text to download.

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Anonymous said...

Several other reviewers have given this book a much higher rating. You mentioned you are not a big fan of rhyming books. Hopefully, this does not deter parents whose children love rhyming from giving this book a chance. It conveys a most powerful message and the illustrations are fabulous!