Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seven Lambs: Stories of Peace from the Old Testament

Seven Lambs: Stories of Peace from the Old Testament presents a collection of five stories that highlight peace. Written by Eric Burnett Timar, this book offers short retellings about Abraham and Abimelech, Joseph and his brothers, Boaz and Ruth, Jonah and the ship, and the prophet Micah’s vision of peace. Each story is one to eight pages in length and is accompanied by a variety of pictures, ranging from Joseph’s very colorful and cartoon-like coat to an old-fashioned, highly detailed, very realistic black-and-white illustration of Jonah on the ship. Within the text, the author explains more complex words, such as cistern and famine. At the end, the Scripture basis for each story is sited.

What I Like: I like the overall idea of a book centered around one theme, and that the author provided Scripture references so that readers can trace the source of each story. I can see this book as a useful Sunday School lesson resource.

What I Dislike: The shortened stories leave gaps in information. Parents reading this book to their children will likely want to read the actual Scripture passages to fill in the holes. For example, the story of Boaz and Ruth ends with Boaz allowing Ruth to collect food from his fields and making sure she had enough to eat. It doesn’t mention their relationship or how they ended up getting married. The story with Jonah ends with the crew of the ship trying to save him instead of throwing him overboard as Jonah requests. To me it seems like each story was cut abruptly short to preserve the overall theme of peace (instead of, perhaps, forgiveness or loyalty or obedience).

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: None given, but I suggest preschool-grade 1.

Publisher Info: CreateSpace, 2011; ISBN:978-1466243248; Paperback, 28 pgs., $8.00

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