Friday, March 16, 2012

Jesus Teaches Us Not to Worry

Our lives are filled with worry. In Jesus Teaches Us Not to Worry by Julie Stiegemeyer, Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6) come alive in rhyme to teach kids to depend on God when they're concerned.

The story is a basic retelling of a small portion of Jesus' famous sermon, starting with how the crowd gathered to listen to Him. After a brief overview of things covered in Matthew 5, Jesus tells the people not to worry, that God will give you all you need.
"'Do not worry,' Jesus said,
'about what you will eat.
God will give you all you need--
water, bread, and meat.'"
At the end, a modern-day family is shown reading a Bible Storybook together. The reader is urged to listen to God and remember how He cares for us.

What I Like: As with other books I've read in the Arch Book series, the stories from the Bible are told with little exaggeration and in a manner appropriate for their audience.

I love the fact that the author indicates that Jesus talked about more than just the topic of worry--it's an open invitation to read the rest of the Sermon on the Mount with your child.

The last page is a note to parents--and it's filled with great information on the story itself, as well as suggestions on how to talk to your kids if they're concerned about something.

What I Dislike: There's not much I dislike, but occasionally, the rhyming rhythm was tricky to read (even silently). This has been noted as a flaw by our other reviewers for other Arch Books, as well.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 5 - 9

Publisher Info: Concordia Publishing House, 2011; ISBN: 978-0-7586-2581-6; Paperback, 15 PGS., $2.49

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Special Info: The face of Jesus is shown throughout the story. We've also reviewed other books by Julie Stiegemeyer, which you can find here. Additionally, reviews of other books in the Arch Book series may be found here.

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