Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Bible Storybook

Looking for an attractive, sturdy, interactive Bible storybook for your toddler? Check out Busy Bible Storybook, by Jill Roman Lord. The book has a thick, padded cover, double heavy inner pages, and durable moving parts. Each two-page spread highlights one story from the Bible: Creation, Noah’s ark, the Exodus, Daniel and the lion’s den, Jonah, and the birth of Christ. Each has a heading, a Scripture reference, and 8 lines of rhyming verse summarizing the story. Every turn of the page provides kids with an opportunity to pull tabs, move a wheel, lift a flap, or enjoy a pop-up image. The illustrations, done by Trace Moroney, are bright and engaging with enough detail to hold the readers interest. The illustrator included people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. I found the pictures darling—cute without being “cute-sie”.
Here is an example of four of the lines from the story of creation: The Lord God created the earth and the seas,/ the plants and the grass, bright flowers and trees./ He placed the sun high in the sky to shine bright,/ and the moon and the stars glow in the night.
What I Like: I loved the feel and look of the book. It is built to withstand toddler-powered wear-and-tear. I think kids familiar with these Bible stories will love reading the book over and over. Parents will appreciate it as a fresh way of introducing or reinforcing these mostly old-testament favorites.
What I Dislike: These are not dislikes as much as things to be aware of. The lift the tab on the whale is the most vulnerable feature of the book. Unlike the other strong movable parts, the paper on the flap is much thinner. However, parents aware of this can ensure youngsters treat this particular page with care. Also, the stories are very much abbreviated, probably to appeal to a young audience. Parents might need to supply more details or background information to explain things like why God sent the flood, who Moses was, and so on. Finally, the rhythms in the verses are not perfect. I stumbled a few times, but still felt like they were well written.
Overall Rating: Excellent as a durable interactive book, and with the understanding that stories are not told in full detail.
Age Appeal: No age is given, but this one is definitely geared for the toddler/ preschool age group.
Publisher Info: Kregel Kidzone, 2006; ISBN: 978-0825455292; Board Book, 12 pgs., $12.99.
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