Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will I See You Today? (Faith Basics for Kids)

“Nature is a good starting place to show God’s handiwork as proof of his existence, but we should not stop there. Children need to know that God also reveals himself through his Word and most importantly through his Son, Jesus Christ.”

So states authors Crystal Bowman and Ava Pennington in a detailed note to parents and teachers at the end of the book Will I See You Today? The authors quote key verses from the Bible that supports this statement. Meanwhile, on a more basic level geared for kids, the idea of the reality of God permeates the rhyming verses of this Faith Basics for Kids picture book.

As the story unfolds, a young girl marvels in the beauty of the world around her, pondering whether or not she will see God that day. Though not stated, young readers will likely point out that God is revealed through nature.

Midway through the book, she opens her Bible and reads about Jesus. After briefly summing up his life on earth, she concludes, “I see the things that you have made/ the earth, the sky, and sea./ I know that you’re in Heaven,/ but you’re also here with me.”

The illustrations, done by Dan Dunham, are simple yet expressive, and filled with a mixture of bright primary and softer pastel colors. He depicts children exploring parks and meadows, the night sky, rivers and forests, and other play areas.

What I Like: The authors do a good job of keeping an even rhythm and natural-sounding rhyme, which I feel is important. That makes the words bounce off your tongue when you read the story aloud. The predictable pattern and beat will help younger readers successfully decode unfamiliar words. I also thought the note at the end added a great amount of insight and value to the story. Without it, I would still be entertained but slower to seize on the basic faith issue being addressed in the book.

What I Dislike: The shift from everyday encounters to life in Biblical times seemed somewhat abrupt to me. However, the pictures help with the transition.

Overall Rating: Excellent for those wishing to help their children understand the concept of God as an invisible spirit.

Age Appeal: 4 and up

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2010; ISBN:978-0784729175; Hardback, 32 PGS., $8.99
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