Friday, October 14, 2011

Mika in Portau Prince, Haiti: An Orphan's Story of Faith, Hope and Love

Author Brittany Volpei takes us into the world of orphans in Haiti with her story, Mika in Port au Prince, Haiti: An Orphan’s Story of Faith, Hope and Love. Mika is an orphan in Haiti who lives with her grandmother. But when Gran is unable to care for her, Mika goes to live with her aunt.

Mika hopes for a better life once she’s at Aunt Edna’s, but that is not to be. Her Aunt Edna sends her out into the streets to beg for money to buy food, not to feed Mika but to feed herself.

The story has a happy ending as Mika, the little girl that no one wants, eventually finds someone who loves her and cares for her. But, it’s not a happy story. It’s one that tugs at the heart strings as the story is based on the real lives of orphans in this impoverished country.

The illustrations by Neal Parrow are colorful and expressive, but they are also a bit dark, which reflects the darkness of Mika’s world.

What I Like: This story was written for a good cause, to bring the world’s attention to the plight of orphans in Haiti. In addition to the story, you will find information about the Gold Coast Orphan Alliance, which is an orphan care and adoption support ministry. You will also read about Child Hope International and the Manassero Family.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 6-10.

Publisher Info: Little Ones of the Nations, 2011; ISBN: 9780615419527; Hardcover, $13.16.

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Special Info: This book is the first in a planned series of books by the publisher. They are working on another title for the series, Martin & Edmond: Two Brothers Journey through Haiti. Read more about the books at the publisher’s website.

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Unknown said...

This is a sweet story. Thank you for reviewing this book.

Anonymous said...

Her last name is Volpei, just so you know :)

Christine M. Irvin said...

Carline, thanks for stopping by our website and taking the time to comment on my review.

Anonymous, thank you for pointing out my error in spelling the author's name. That has now been corrected.