Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bible Animals

Kids love animals. And small kids love hand-sized books. The Candle Library takes advantage of a small child's love of both animals and tiny books by offering Bible Animals - a boxed collection of 6 biblical stories featuring animals. Each book measures about 3.7 x 3.7 inches.

The Big Fish's Supper tells part of the tale of Jonah; a big fish hears a big fuss in the middle of a storm. The captain of a ship tells the sailors to throw Jonah overboard. The fish swallows him and Jonah says, "I'm running away from God." Later the fish spats Jonah out on the beach and Jonah says, "Goodbye, Big Fish! I have a message from God - and now I have to deliver it!"

In Little Sheep Gets Lost, a shepherd looses one sheep and goes on the hunt for it. "I'm so happy," the shepherd says at the end of the book. "I found my lost sheep!"

The Pig Who Shared features a boy who cares for the pig but can't buy food for himself. The pig feels sorry for him and offers him some muck. The boy eats it, but tells the pig that at home he always had plenty to eat. "I've been very stupid! I will go back to my father." He does, and the boy's father is happy to see him.

In Elephant Keeps Safe, Noah tells the elephant that God wants him to build a huge boat because a flood is coming. The elephant helps by carrying wood. Lots of animals, including the elephant, get on board once the boat is finished. The book ends: "God shut the door. Inside everyone was warm and dry. Elephant was safe from the flood!"

In Lion Misses Breakfast, a hungry lion sees Daniel thrown into his pit. Daniel prays for help from God and an angel closes the lion's mouth. The next morning, Daniel leaves the pit and there's "no breakfast for Lion today!"

In Donkey Helps a Stranger, a donkey who's been on a long trip and is tired doesn't really want to stop to help a stranger, but he does, anyway. Donkey helps carry the man back into town where the injured man can be cared for. "Thank you for helping me," the stranger tells Donkey.

What I Like: My 2 year old loves these books. He likes the size, to be sure, but he's also attracted to these short tales (each briefly told in 8 pages) with attractive illustrations. The collection is a nice introduction to a number of famous stories from the Bible - a real bonus when you have a child who's not yet interested in children's Bible storybooks.

What I Dislike: None of the stories is what I'd call complete. For example, we never know why Jonah is running from God, nor what his message is. However, each book does offer a biblical reference so parents can easily look up the story and offer more information for their children. As long as parents look at these books as an introduction to these famous stories, I think they will be satisfied.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: According to Amazon, 4 to 8, but I'd say baby to preschool.

Publishing Info: Candle Books, 2011; ISBN: 978-1859858868; 6 boardbooks in a cardboard storage box, 48 total pgs., $7.99.

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Special Info: The books in this boxed set are all condensed versions of other, previously published board books. Donkey Helps a Stranger, for example, is a condensed version of Donkey to the Rescue. (Click here to read our review of this book.)


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