Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Rhymes for Quiet Times

If you’re looking for short, easy to understand devotions for young children, consider picking up Simple Rhymes for Quiet Times by Andy Holmes. Holmes wrote this sturdy board book with active youngsters in mind. On each page, a life principle (such as patience, helpfulness, forgiveness, love, following God, or caring) is printed in large font. This is followed by text in smaller font: a rhyming couplet illustrating the principle, a simplified Bible verse about it, and child-appropriate questions to ponder. Each page also has colorful, friendly-looking illustrations that match the text.
Here is an example: SHARING. My great big God helps me to share/ with everybody, everywhere! Be generous and share—1 Timothy 6:18. What is something you like to share? Why?

What I Like: Because of the very age appropriate look and layout of the book, it would make a great tool to establish a daily routine of “Bible study” with young kids. The book seems well-suited for parent/ child interaction. Plus I liked the padded cover.

What I Dislike: Nothing

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: The publisher lists ages 4-8, but I think it would also work for children even younger.

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2010; ISBN:978-0784723760; Board book, 36 PGS., $9.99

Buy it Now at for $8.19
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