Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Andrea Carter and the Family Secret

Andrea Carter and the Family Secret, written by Susan K. Marlow, is book number three in the publisher’s Circle C Adventures series. In this installment, Andrea learns she has an older sister, Katherine, whom she had never heard of. She has grown up with a large family of several siblings, all of whom are older than her, but when she finds out about Katherine she doesn’t welcome her with open arms.
Andrea feels she has been deceived by her family. All of them knew about Katherine except her. Andrea must deal with her resentment. In the process of doing so, she makes some bad decisions that almost end in disaster. But, she also finds an inner strength she never had. 
What I Like: Everything. 
What I Dislike: Nothing. 
Overall Rating: Excellent. 
Age Appeal: 8-12. 
Publisher Info: Kregel Publications, 2008; ISBN: 9780825433658; Paperback, 140 pages, $7.99. 
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