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Beyond The Reflection's Edge, Echoes From The Edge #1

When I breathe on your hand, I whisper a prayer that the breath of God will fill your soul with his music, the melody of everlasting love that guided our Savior to the ultimate sacrifice. Because such love lasts forever, I know, my son, that we will be together through all eternity.
His musical virtuoso mother often spoke these words to 16 year-old Nathan before he performed on the violin. Now those words were just a memory.

Both of Nathan’s parents are murdered, and now, apparently, he is the next target. Meanwhile, Nathan’s dad left him a mirror, a camera that takes picture of things that aren’t really there, and some strange instructions with his tutor, Clara. While Clara makes funeral arrangements, Nathan is sent to stay at an old friend’s house. He is given a room with a wall-sized mirror. The small mirror his father gave him fits in the corner of larger mirror. When Nathan slides it into place, he discovers that he can use the big mirror to travel to parallel dimensions… leaving Nathan to wonder if his parents are really dead.

Beyond the Reflection's Edge, the first book in Bryan Davis’ Echoes from the Edge series, is a fast-pieced, well-written science fiction thriller. Nathan and his friend Kelly discover that three Earths exist--Earth Yellow, Earth Blue and Earth Red. The three worlds used to thrive in harmony, but once Mictar, an evil force, and his associates began traveling from one dimension to another, the places fell out of sync. Worse, the traveling created holes in the fabric of time. Now, one earth is set in the past, one the present, and one the near future. Nathan learns that his mother was uniquely gifted to heal the holes—which is why Mictar wanted her dead. And since Nathan inherited her musical gift (and thereby the potential to set things right), Mictar wants him dead too.

Still, many questions—and people bent on killing him—abound. Is music the key? How can people simultaneously exist on all three worlds? If someone travels to another dimension, how do his actions affect that world? Are Nathan’s parents still alive? Can he figure out the clues they left behind and save them? Who can he trust? And where can he hide?
Davis uses classical music and incorporates the words to beautiful hymns in the text. While not overtly religious, the book still holds many poignant and inspiring nuggets of wisdom.

What I Like: I think Davis is a master storyteller. The characters he created were genuine and deep. The action-packed plot never slowed. The whole underlying concept of the book was complex, and yet perfectly logical in delivery. I found it wildly entertaining, but also laced with great takeaway value. I LOVED IT! I stayed up way too late reading because I couldn't put it down.

What I Dislike: Nothing, just a note: The book contains some violence.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: Ages 13-16, but I feel its complexity will best appeal to an older teenage and adult audience.

Publisher Info: Zondervan, 2008; ISBN: 978-0-310-71554-2; Paperback, 416 PGS., $ 12.99

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