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Betty Greene: Flying High / David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer

Betty Greene: Flying High, and David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer, are two books in a series by YMAM Publishing called Heroes for Young Readers.

Betty Greene: Flying High is the story of Betty Greene, a female pilot. Betty began her flying career in WWII when the military recruited women for the Air Force. They did not fly combat missions, but they helped train other pilots by dragging targets behind their planes that the other pilots could shoot at. Betty also did test flights for new aircraft.

When her unit was disbanded, Betty joined other pilots to form a group called the MAF, Missionary Aviation Fellowship. These pilots flew missionaries to and from places around the world. Betty flew into places like Mexico, Peru, Nigeria and New Guinea. She faced some dangerous situations while doing so, but she persevered because she believed she was doing God’s work. Although Betty died in 1997, the MAF is still in existence.

David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer is the story of the famous missionary doctor in Africa. Livingstone was the first white man to enter many parts of Africa. Everywhere he went he touched peoples’ lives with his gifts of both medicine and God’s word. He faced many dangers on the Dark Continent, including being attacked by a lion.

David grew up in Scotland. He was fascinated with science and wanted to learn everything he could about the subject. His Christian father forbade him to read science books because his father thought if you were a Christian you shouldn’t learn science. But, his grandfather approved of the subject and lent David books in secret whenever he could. After hearing a missionary speak about the need for doctors in foreign lands, David felt the call to be both a doctor and a missionary. When he told his father about his feelings, his father allowed David to attend med school. When he received his medical degree, David left his Scottish homeland to go to Africa.

Both books were written by Renee Taft Meloche and are written in rhyming verse.

Both books were illustrated by Bryan Pollard. His vivid, painted illustrations work well with the storylines.

What I Like: I like biographies, particularly ones that are in a series designed for young readers.

What I Dislike: As mentioned, the text of both books is in rhyme. Although it says on the backs of the books, “..children love the captivating rhyming poems… of the Heroes for Young Readers series,” I must say I found the rhyme to be distracting. It wasn’t rhythmic; it was rather jarring.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 4-8.

Publisher Info: YWAM Publishing, 2004; Hardcover, $6.99.
Betty Greene ISBN: 1576582396. David Livingstone ISBN: 9781576582381.

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